Cool Ideas for Customizing Golf Carts

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Golf carts have moved off the links and onto Main Street. Today's golf carts are used for everything from street patrols, parades, carting supplies and people across jobsites and campuses, and even cruising around in off-road areas. The days of beige carts with white fiberglass roofs are over and a new era has begun. Now you can customize your golf cart for performance as well as to reflect your personality.

Customizing Golf Carts for Performance

You can soup up your golf cart's engine and suspension with numerous options. Want a faster golf cart? How does a 24HP Honda V-Twin sound? Want more clearance? How high do you want to go? Whether you want a lift kit for looks or front and rear suspension for greater travel and off-road performance, it's all possible thanks to the cowing golf cart customization industry.

You'll be amazed at the options available for today's golf carts including tune up kits, rebuild kits, motors, engines, carburetors, crankshafts, electric motors, fuel pumps, solenoids, valves, tie rods, gaskets, bearings, mufflers, pistons, rings, 4x4 transmissions - and much more! The sky is the limit when it comes to performance tuning golf carts.

Customizing for Looks

Who wants a plain old golf cart when you can transform the cart into a work of art? Do you want a rugged, Hummer-like golf cart? Or something a bit sleeker? No matter what you have in mind, if you can dream it, you can build it. Body kits are available for just about any taste. Add a cool custom paint job or decals and your golf cart will be a head-turner.

Do you have a favorite sports team or want to replicate your favorite NASCAR? Want your golf cart to look like a hot rod? Want your corporate logo emblazoned on the side? Custom paint and decals are sure to dress up your golf cart with style.

You can take it even further and add custom seats, upholstery, floor mats, windshields, bug deflectors, headliners, canopies, boxes, brush guards, racks, roll bars, lights, sand tires, off road tires, and custom rims.

Customizing for Comfort

Now that you've taken your golf cart from ordinary to extraordinary, your work isn't over just yet. Add a thumping sound system, CD-changer, satellite radio, air conditioning, television, or video game console and be the star of the neighborhood.

Who says golf carts have to have a stiff ride? Add a custom suspension to match your desired level of comfort from street cruising to driving over rough terrain. Custom seats cushion you even further. Other golf cart accessories that are sure to smooth your driving experience include steering wheels, nerf bars, side steps, kick plates, seat belts and harnesses, and hand grips.

While you'll still find plain old golf carts on the golf course, you'll find fewer of them in other venues. Customizing golf carts is a unique way to show who you are and what you love. If you live in a community where golf carts are allowed or like to trailer your golf cart out to riding areas, you probably won't be satisfied with ordinary for long.

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or someone with a vision who wants a professional cart customizer to make your dream come true, anything is possible. With today's vast selection of golf cart bodies, wheels and tires, engines, moldings, dashboards, canopies, and accessories, you can transform an ordinary golf cart into a functional fashion statement. No matter how you use your golf cart, you can zip around in style.

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